Kyle Schiller

What do you love about The Episcopal Church?
I love that the Church is all accepting and all encompassing. We bring our whole selves to God, not just a facade or the parts we think He will accept. We do not judge and realize that we are all on a journey together, no matter who we are, how we live or how society may treat us.
What do you think All Saints’/Todos los Santos provides the Northwest Arkansas community and Bentonville in particular?
I think that we are a beacon of love, peace and hope in the community. I have heard not a few testimonies from All Saints’/Todos los Santos parishioners that they were made not welcome at other places before they found a home here. I think we also represent a vocal contingent for social liberties and justice, championing all individuals who live here, through outreach, activism, and our interfaith efforts, to have a voice and be treated with love and dignity in an area where the opposite is all too common.
What most excites or interests you at All Saints’/Todos los Santos?
I am excited about growth and our future, particularly with our interfaith efforts and in helping to chair a task force to form a pathway to our permanent home, wherever and whatever that may be. We have been channeling the Israelites in the desert for years now without a home of our own, and look with hope and joy to the future when we will have somewhere to call our own, and with it further extend our arms to all in the community who wish to be embraced with God’s love.
What’s something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know just by meeting you on Saturday evening/Sunday morning?
I am a big fan of rock music, am an avid concert-goer, and can speak Japanese.