Justin Snopko

What do you love about The Episcopal Church? 

There is a place for everyone at our church, even if you already have a place. When going to visit other priests/congregations the welcoming, loving, caring, understanding feeling is shown just as in our own congregation. 


What do you think All Saints’/Todos los Santos provides Bentonville/the community?

We provide a place of worship and family to those who may not be able or comfortable receiving it from other places. We are all children of God no matter were we are on our journey of faith.


What are you most excited about All Saints’/Todos los Santos?

I’m most exited about the growth of our church and seeing the wonderful ministries that bloom from it. As we continue to show the community who we are we will find even more ways to help our neighbors. 


What’s an interesting thing about you that most people wouldn’t know from just meeting you in passing on Sunday morning?

I never planned on or thought about having children. It wasn’t until my wife and I took our kids into our home and started the adoption proceedings that I envisioned a life with kids. Now, as with any parent, I couldn’t imagine a life without them.