Barbara Youree

 What do you love about The Episcopal Church? 

I was attracted to the Episcopal denomination because it allows a person to think, even encourages it. A spiritually-based question asked in a small group may get differing answers, rather than a rote must-be-accepted-by-all response. I find searching, doubting, and thinking leads to deeper spiritual truths.


What do you think All Saints’/Todos los Santos provides Bentonville/the community?

There is an emphasis on the “All” in All Saints, where everyone is welcome. This message of diversity is gradually becoming known in the Bentonville community. Here one can enjoy getting to know people from many different backgrounds at all stages and ages in life.


What are you most excited about All Saints’/Todos los Santos?

I believe in and am excited about the message of our church, expressed in the above answer. For me, the Tri-Faith Club which encompasses the three Abrahamic faiths is an enlightening and uplifting experience.


What’s an interesting thing about you that most people wouldn’t know from just meeting you in passing on Sunday morning?

I find much joy in making friends with people from other countries, such as from China, Haiti, France, Afghanistan, etc. But my most life-changing experience came from working with Sudanese refugees in Kansas City. I also mentored two Sudanese young men for a year. Having spent their childhoods in refugee camps, they when on to college in the U.S and both earned law degrees. Back in South Sudan, one is a policy advisor to the government and the other a manager in an oil company. Both have set up separate humanitarian organizations. We still keep in touch. What a blessing!