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As Christians we are called to live in community. It is in our fellowship and service that we demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ and our commitment to faith. You are invited to join in any of the ministries that touch your heart.

Our ministries include:


  • Acolytes assist the services of divine worship. While persons of any age may serve as acolytes, it has been the practice at All Saints’ to encourage participation in worship by encouraging our youth to serve. Children as young as eight may be trained as acolytes. Currently fifteen young people serve as acolytes.
  • Server: The Server (or ‘Altar Server’) takes part in the procession to the altar and is responsible for receiving the offering plates presented by the ushers, placing the plates on the credence table, and standing at the credence table to hand the Celebrant or Deacon first the bread in the ciborium, and then the cruets of wine and water, returning each container to the credence table as the Celebrant or Deacon hands them back to the server. The Server remains ready, during the communion, to assist the Celebrant as might be necessary.
  • Crucifer (‘Cross bearer’): The crucifer leads the procession into the sacred space. It is an important role, the cross, lifted high, reminding us of the One who makes all our praise possible, who promised to be with us now and always.
  • Torch bearer: The torch bearer processes alongside and a step behind the Crucifer. Bearers place their torches in their stands on either side of the pulpit.

Adult Formation

  • Live Your Faith – For 2015, a new adult formation class has been added during the 10:00 Sunday School hour.  The class,  called, ‘Live Your Faith’, will be led by various members of the congregation and the local community.  Topics will vary based on the leaders area of expertise or interest.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss ethics and religion, Episcopal tradition, social justice, prayer, other religions, Bible study, and much more.
  • Morning Talk – Do you like to discuss ideas that matter? Or enjoy hearing what others have to say about topics affecting your life? Morning Talk, the Adult Education Class based on the Sunday’s Lectionary, will give you an opportunity both to talk and to listen. The discussions are held each Sunday morning at 10:00 am, upstairs in the Junior High Room.Each of the four rotating facilitators has a unique style of presenting background information and asking open-ended questions to form a basis for the lively conversation. Recently the participants described the discussions as refreshing, diverse, thought provoking and accepting of individuals as they express their ideas and beliefs.

Altar Guild

  • It is difficult to imagine how worship could happen at All Saints’ without the Altar Guild.  Working behind the scenes, the members of the Altar Guild prepare and dismantle the altar every Saturday and Sunday, cleaning and maintaining linens and vestments, and making sure that bread and wine are in sufficient supply.  Altar Guild members are ready to serve at weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other liturgically significant events in the life of the church.  Altar Guild members usually have an appreciation for the beauty of the sacramental experience and possess a fine eye for detail.  Historically sacristans were limited to being male, but our Altar Guild is open to both men and women.

Chalice Bearers and Lectors

  •  Lectors are scheduled on Sundays and special services to read either the first and second lesson of the service or to read the prayers.  Some lectors just want to read the Prayers of the People.  We are happy to accommodate this.  Lectors are sent a copy of the bulletin in advance in order to read the lessons and Prayers a few days before the service.
  • Chalice Bearers are also scheduled on Sundays and special services.  They serve the Chalice (wine) at the Holy Eucharist. Training is periodically scheduled throughout the year. Chalice Bearers will receive certification from the Diocese of Arkansas. These duties are very rewarding and can be a deeply spiritual experience. Our worship service is integral in the life of our Christian community at All Saints.

Children’s and Youth Formation

  • Children’s Chapel – Children’s Chapel takes place during both Sunday morning worship services, providing a children’s gospel, sermon, prayer, and music for kids ages 4-9.  There are 6 adults that teach on a rotating basis.  Typical attendance for the 11:00 a.m. service is 6-8 children and 6-8 children for the 1:00 p.m. service.  Goals for the coming year include recruiting and training more teachers, especially for the 1:00 p.m. service, and continuing to make the program more liturgically focused with the goal of mirroring what is happening in the “big church”, but on a child’s level.
  • Sunday School – Regular Sunday school takes place at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings during the school year.  There are two classes.  The younger class (4 yr old – 2nd Grade) teaches Godly Play and the older class (2nd grade – 6th  grade) teaches Weaving God’s Promises.  Between the two Sunday School classes there are 8 volunteers that teach or help on a rotating basis.  Goals for 2015 are to continue increasing class size for both classes and to build upon the existing Godly Play stories by adding new materials.
  • Nursery – The nursery is open for kids from birth to 4 years old during the 10:00 Sunday School hour, the 11:00 worship service, and the 1:00 worship service.  Along with three regularly scheduled workers, there are also alternates, which allows for continuity in a well-staffed nursery.
  • Diocesan Youth Events – During 2014, All Saints’ youth participated in the following diocesan youth events: Sr. High Winterstar, Jr. High Winterstar, AYE (Arkansas Youth Event).
  • EYC – Episcopal Youth Community – For part of 2014 All Saints’ participated in youth group with 3 area Lutheran churches.  The group met Wednesday evenings at Christ the King.  A goal for 2015 is an All Saints’ EYC that meets regularly.  For the first part of the year Intern, Mark Harris, will lead a weekly Sunday afternoon group.  The group will focus on helping youth learn to live their Christian faith in school.
  • Miscellaneous – 
    • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – acolytes and youth helped prepare and serve dinner
    • Easter Egg Hunt – 1 following each service on Easter morning
    • Back to School Pool Party
    • Christmas Pageant – 24 beautiful children told the story of Christ’s birth with narration, music, and singing

Community Garden

  • All Saints’ Community Garden project was revitalized in the spring of 2013 with a planting on a hillside on our future church building site.  The soil was tilled, raised beds were erected, and compost brought in. Many All Saints’ parishioners were involved in planting, weeding, watering and harvesting. The spring harvest was plentiful, especially the tomato crop.  Both the Food Pantry and the Community Meal benefited from the produce we were able to offer.  We anticipate an expanded and even more productive garden in the Spring of 2015.

Community Meal

  • The Wednesday night Feast of Grace (Community Meal) was founded September 10, 2008 by volunteers from Christ the King and All Saints’ Episcopal Church congregations.  The Feast of Grace ministry provides a low cost nutritional meal for all that attend.  A spirit of friendship and hospitality is provided as people enter the building until the time they leave. The congregational volunteers prepare the meal, set up the dining hall, serve and provide cleanup of the kitchen and dining hall. Funding is provided by a Free Will Offering during the meal, as well as monetary grants from Walmart and others.  Both church congregations also donate canned goods and other supplies.  Some food is provided by Hope Food Bank.  The main shopping for the meals is done by the primary Cook/Chef for their week of service.

Episcopal Church Women – St. Tabitha’s Guild

  • The purpose of the ECW group is to provide community service and fellowship for the women of All Saints’ and Todos Los Santos. All women of the church are automatically members. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month (September – May) at 12:00 noon. Many ladies arrive early with their lunch in order to have additional time to socialize. Areas of focus are outreach ministry, inreach service and spiritual reflection.

Flower Guild

  • All Saints’ members have the opportunity to donate altar flowers in memory of loved ones or in thanksgiving for birthdays, births, anniversaries, graduations, and other special events.  Gifts of flowers will be noted in the weekly service bulletin. Anyone interested in arranging flowers for the altar is invited to join the guild.  Membership would mean procuring flowers and providing arrangements for Sunday mornings and other services such as funerals and weddings on a rotating basis.

Food Pantry

  • The Food Pantry of Christ the King Lutheran Church and All Saints’ Episcopal Churches continues to support our neighbors in need of basic food throughout northwest Arkansas, southeast Missouri, and northeast Oklahoma.  The Food Pantry is one of few in the area who does not put restrictions on residence.  Our clients often tell us that they come to us because they are treated with respect and because the quality of the food is good.  Because our goal is to provide clients with food once a month, we also provide them with a list of other resources for them to obtain food.

Hospitality Guilds

  • Hospitality Guilds were first proposed as a concept in the summer of 2008.  By the first Sunday after Labor Day, Hospitality Guilds at All Saints’ were in place and fulfilling a very important mission.Hospitality Guilds are groups of 7 to 10 individuals which rotate the responsibilities of greeting people as they arrive at All Saints’, serving as ushers during the service, and hosting our fabulous coffee hour.There are two main objectives of the Hospitality Guild mission.  First and foremost is to help All Saints’ lovingly reach out to any person who chooses to attend our service, whether a first time visitor, an occasional attendee, or an individual who never misses a Sunday.  We want every person who enters our doors to know that he or she is a child of God and is welcome in our congregation.Secondly, Hospitality Guilds provide a great place for many people to be involved in service to the church.  Because Hospitality Guilds are responsible for only one Sunday every six weeks, individuals are more likely to commit to greeting, ushering, and helping with coffee hour.  This also “spreads the love” and prevents the common problem of the same small group of people doing the majority of the work the majority of the time.  Hospitality Guild membership can also be flexible, providing an opportunity for new people to find a place to get involved or allowing an individual to drop out temporarily if need be.

Theology Pub

  • Theology Pub is designed to provide a setting in which you can feel free to explore questions you weren’t sure it was okay to ask in church. Questions like:
    • How should we view God?
    • Do other religions provide legitimate paths to God?
    • Do I have to accept the Bible as literally true?

No question is wrong. No opinion is fact. Join us every other Monday evening at 6:30 p.m.