This past week’s horrific march-and subsequent deadly attack-by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, was an event about which the church must not remain silent. A person’s worth in the eyes of God does not depend on skin color or religion or any of the other variables by which some people try classify and stigmatize others. It is a truth that the United States has found particularly hard to accept, even though we so strongly try to identify with our Judeo-Christian roots.

But the events of this week are also a reminder that, as much as we Christians deplore naked hate, we must also be a people who are self-reflective and who remain centered in the midst of the violence around us. We must not allow ourselves to be drawn into the same vortex of destruction. At this moment, we remind ourselves that Christians are called to evangelism in its best sense.

If we want an evangelism message, here it is: We Christians see the risen Christ in everyone-and we will treat each person as if he or she is indeed Christ walking beside us. Take that message to heart. Evangelize our friends. Evangelize our fellow employees. Evangelize our political leaders. The church and the nation need our witness now more than ever.

Evangelism in Its Best Sense – Letter from Bishop Benfield

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